Junior's Letters

  • August 2020

    How’s the weather?  For most this is just a starter to a conversation, but for farmers this is a deeper question.  If you’re a farmer, you want dry...
  • July 2020

    This time of year, in Southeast Iowa, the Prairie Rose has bloomed, and the sweet corn is almost ready.  It’s hot, humid and the weather tends to affect all parts of our business.
  • June 2020

    I can’t believe it’s June already.  But we have a reason to celebrate – it’s National Dairy Month!  This is the time of year where honor all things dairy, starting with our amazing Dairy Farmers. 
  • May 2020

    “In terms of production, we can do in a day, what used to take a week back in 2013,” is what I shared recently with the team.  Our facility expansion is definitely helping us be more efficient in all facets of cheesemaking and just this past week we’ve started utilizing our new, 3rd vat.  We have yet to move into our new offices but hope to do so in the next few weeks.