Jane's Letters

  • August 2020

    Here we are in August already! Before we know what happened, the summer will be over and fall will be here. We have had rains as needed, the grass ...
  • July 2020

    Another month has gone by. They say, “time flies when you are having fun.” It seems to fly, whatever the cause. Every month brings changes, some months not very much or drastic, others quite a lot. We are now in the summer months where warmer weather is prominent.
  • June 2020

    After some very warm days, the temperature this morning in the 50’s feels a bit chilly. We had several in the 80’s, it came suddenly, and we weren’t used to it. We are having rain; here it is just a little at a time. Some places are getting lots at a time, not very far from here, either. 
  • May 2020

    Good morning to each one. We are enjoying such beautiful weather the last few days, in the 70’s, sunshine, just perfect weather. It makes a person glad to be alive.

    On Friday I stopped at a greenhouse just to browse, one I rarely get to anymore, but was in the area and decided to stop.