Authentic, award winning specialty cheese

Made traditionally with simple ingredients in Iowa

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Prairie Breeze™

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Prairie Breeze™

Prairie Breeze™ is our twist on a well-aged white cheddar style cheese, aged for a minimum of 9 months, with no added color.

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Quark cheese is a fresh unripened cheese made with cows milk. It has a smooth texture, mild and tangy flavor. 

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4 Alarm Cheddar

4 Alarm Cheddar is our own unique blend of four different peppers: chipotle, chili, jalapeno and ghost.

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Over 14 years of cheesemaking


I work in the food service industry and I graduated with a culinary degree.  Prairie Breeze  is one of the best cheddars I've ever had.

Nick, Chicago

I'm obsessed with all of your cheeses.  I just love you guys!  My favorite way to eat Prairie Breeze is on scrambled eggs.  It's just so creamy and crunchy!

Haley, Des Moines

The first time a friend gave me a bite of Prairie Breeze, I was in heaven!  It's the best cheese to share with friends.  My husband is obsessed too.  Thank you!

Lindsay, Fort Lauderdale